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Top 10 Spiciest Foods in the World


Hello everyone, today we are going to introduce you to the top 5 spiciest foods in the world.You may have heard of them or even tasted them before. So you already know what level of spiciness we’re all about in this article! We’ve included a link to the recipes in case you want to give it go preparing those dishes yourself. One thing is sure: these look like spitting flames!


  1. Vindaloo:


No surprise: this is an indian dish, and it’s on top of the spiciest foods in the world. Not only is it spicy, it’s also served super hot. If you can eat this with a happy face, then you’ve earned yourself the title of the most extreme spicy food fan.



  1. Phaal Curry ( hottest curry):


Also an originally Indian food, this is nothing less spicier than

Vindaloo. It’s also served hot and would take would set your mouth ablaze if you’re not used to such levels of spiciness.



  1. Suicide Chicken Wings:


Anything that includes “suicide” in its name must be an extreme version of whatever category it represents. We all love chicken wings, but these aren’t any chicken wings, these are dragon-flames-spicy chicken wings!



  1. Tom Yum:


This one is a Thai soup. It has nothing in common with the Moroccan Harrira soup but the fact that they’re both “soups”.

Give it a try, spicy food fans!




5.Sichuan Hot Pot:


This one is Chinese. By now you may have observed that the spiciest foods in the world are all from Asia. Why? That would be a topic for a different article. Until then, give this one a go, too. But hey, make sure you serve it in a metal bowl…this is a flaming reason for that!





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