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Trim II’s MS Arts Showcase


  Our Trimester II Middle School Arts Showcase took place in our CAS theater last Wednesday during 6th period. Invited to the event were MS parents, teachers and students, who celebrated our MS students’ talents and achievements in their arts ...

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Popular Musical Genres in Morocco


                       Moroccan music There are many popular music songs and singers in morocco like Oum Kaltoum   Fairouz Saad Lamjarred   Ahmed Chaouki.   Oum Keltoum and Fairouz represent the classical, Arab musical genre, and Saad Lamjarad and Ahmed Chwki represent the ...

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10 Songs About Girl Power


  By: Chama Abdelmoumen and Bettina Basuyaux Our CAS Times’ Music Team has compiled a list of best songs about girl power. The empowering songs they’ve selected for us all celebrate women’s pride in who they are and what they’re ...

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Top 10 Best Old Song!


It’s predictable that all MS students know Justin Bieber, Chainsmokers, Twenty One Pilots and more of the new generation of singers, songs and bands, but how many of the previous generation of musicians and big musical hits do you know? Chama bdelmoumen and ...

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