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Cobra Plus Interview

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Basketball, Hip Hop, Soccer, Badminton, Chess, Dance, Track and field are just some of the Cobra Plus activities to name. Mr. Baltase, our school P.E. department director, has put great  effort in organizing these after school activities. Lower school students ...

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English Teaching Methods !


Mrs.Slaoui and Ms.Ansley Ms.Ansley  likes to do a few things  at a time( 1 or 2 tasks), and move things at her own pace. It’s also her 2nd year teaching English. Her method also revolves around visual learning, she shows ...

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Explore Morocco: Why Cancelled


I wanted Explore Morocco to go forward and I wanted all three trips to go forward and be successful as they were in the past, said Mrs. Meditz, Middle School Principal in an interview with CAS Times. Here follows the ...

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